Mulan Premieres to Controversy


Hunter Berjansky, Staff Writer

With another classic Disney movie, “Mulan,” made into a live-action

version, sales look good. However, the lead actor’s stances on the Hong

Kong police might affect that.


Recently in Hong Kong, the communist party made a new law, which turns

the region’s freedom of speech into acts of terrorism, to try and prevent



The Hong Kong police have dealt with protests violently all throughout the

streets, even going as far as beating up a reporter who was covering the



On Aug. 15, Liu Yifei, the lead actor of Mulan, posted “I also support Hong

Kong police. You can beat me up now. What a shame for Hong Kong.” this

has offended many people and has spawned tweets ending with

#BoycottMulan on Twitter.


The tweets aren’t just in America either. Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong

activist, tweeted, “This film is released today. But because Disney worships

Beijing, and because Liu Yifei openly and proudly endorses police brutality

in Hong Kong, I urge everyone who believes in human rights to



The movie grossed $27.6 million in its first week, with extremely low

popularity in China. Compared to the other Disney live-action remakes, who

grossed over $1 billion each, Mulan had a dramatic decrease.

The tweets have even made their way to SB.


“I believe it is anyone’s right to boycott something if they feel really strongly

about an issue.” Mr. Sarmiento, an english teacher says, “Personally, I try to

separate the artist from the art, because there will always be artists that don’t

share the same views and beliefs as me. It’s up to individuals to determine

whether or not they feel strongly enough about an issue to boycott something

or someone.”


Many students know about what’s going on in Hong Kong and support the

movie boycott and feel strongly about the topic.


“The Mulan actress goes against the independence of Hong Kong,” Kyle

Kopko said. “Disney shouldn’t have hired someone who doesn’t support the

independence of Hong Kong.”