JOKER Takes the Movie Industry By Storm


Nusaiba Mahmud, Staff Writer

One of the most anticipated movies of Fall 2019, Joaquin Phoenix’s “JOKERwill premiere just a few weeks before Halloween. 

“In the movie, Grammy Award winning actor Joaquin Phoenix can’t seem to come to terms with his life in Gotham as it goes into shambles.”

It is Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker that really makes the film,” Monica Reid from “Far Out” magazine said in her review of the movie. “Phoenix is weirdly brilliant from beginning to end, giving a performance which is by turns heartbreaking and frightening.”

This movie is an origin story of the Joker, directed by Todd Phillip.

The Joker is a part of the Batman franchise, having been played by multiple actors before. The most famous portrayal of the Joker has been by Heath Ledger. The psychological thriller shows how the main character, Arthur Fleck, is miserable when he turns out to be a failed stand-up comedian and how he turns into a chaotic criminal.

“This glorification of such a figure — a figure already used in at least one real-life mass murder — marks “Joker” as one of the most deeply cynical films ever made,” Mick LaSalle from the “Datebook” said in his review. “It’s probably the most cynical of the 21st century.”

Without a release in the US yet, ”JOKER” won multiple awards internationally. When premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival, the movie won the highest prize, known as  the Golden Lion.

“Joaquin Phoenix gives the most frightening portrayal of a maniac in decades,” LaSalle said. 

The movie has been especially well received for Phoenix’s astounding acting in what is claimed to be the best Joker movie of DC, according to many sources.

Many people have shown excitement for the release of this movie. All of the actors that have portrayed the Joker have left behind great legacies.

“I’m more of a Marvel person, so I haven’t watched many DC movies,” junior Hyeyun Jeong said, “but The Joker is definitely one of those movies that everyone knows. I am curious as to how this movie will turn out.”

What could possibly claim the title of the best DC movie yet, the story of Gotham’s most notorious villain has attracted fans from all over SBHS.

“This is gonna be a great movie,” sophomore Ghazal Hami said, “I can’t wait to watch it soon.”