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Three Seniors Score Their College Dreams


Girls varsity soccer has been a leading figure in Bulldog athletics since the school opened, boasting impressive records and producing many successful college and professional athletes. This year, three seniors– Bella Aguayo, Lizzie Rubino, and Alex Kasper– will take their skills to the next level. 

Only a select few individuals are able to advance their athletic careers to college, which often is a testament of dedication from a young age. Aguayo, Rubino, and Kasper have played soccer for as long as they can remember, instilling a passion and skill unrivaled by any other activity in their lives. 

“I always knew [I would play my whole life],” Rubino said. “I just didn’t want to stop.”

Using the foundation gained from a young age, the future college athletes continue to train their hardest to prepare for their next four years. Through consistent practice, competition, and clinics, the girls put their all into the high school team and FC Virginia, the club all three play for when not in school colors. Yet despite the exhausting schedule, Rubino, Kasper, and Aguayo still have a blast practicing for and leading whichever team they are on.

“We do what we have to do during games,” Kasper said about practicing with Stone Bridge. “But, it’s honestly fun. We do team bonding and competitions [at practice].” 

However, practice does not always make perfect. The girls experienced challenges in their athletic lives, but their love for soccer trumped the obstacles they faced.

“Getting hurt made me realize how much I missed the sport,” Aguayo said when asked about her previous ACL tear. “It was eye-opening and made me realize how much I wanted to continue.”

Through difficulty, the girls realized just how important the relationships were to their career. Having a reliable support system to provide encouragement and stability through challenging times was vital for managing the sport’s taxing schedule. 

Navigating through [recruitment] is just being positive. It’s knowing that not everything will go your way, but it always works out.

— Alex Kasper

“My dad had been there since I was a kid, taking me everywhere and being there for me,” Rubino recounted. “He made me realize that this was what I wanted to do and this is who I’m doing it for.”

Following the path of recruitment is stressful work. Coach calls and peak-level performance in all settings are a necessity, as well as constant patience and flexibility in dealing with uncontrollable circumstances. But, if the persistence is there, achieving a dream is well worth the effort.

“Navigating through [recruitment] is just being positive,” Kasper said. “It’s knowing that not everything will go your way, but it always works out.”

Kasper will continue her career at Duquesne University; Rubino at William and Mary; and Aguayo at Christopher Newport University. These three athletic talents encourage hopeful athletes to be patient and continue their work towards their goals.

“Keep an open mind,” Rubino said. “I think you end up where you’re meant to be.”

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Addy Cowley
Addy Cowley, Editor-in-Chief
Addy Cowley is a senior and the "Bulldog Tribune"’s EIC, the president for Cards4Cause, and the secretary of Key Club. She grew up in four countries, where she acquired an obsession for travel and adventure. This past summer, she participated in the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, where she attended seminars preparing her this year. Addy loves to read historical nonfiction, rock climb, paint, and hang out with friends, and can often be found procrastinating on schoolwork or working at her favorite climbing gym.