The Hype of Super Bowl LVII


In just over a week, all 63,400 seats at State Farm Stadium will be at maximum capacity for Super Bowl LVII. The 14-3 Philadelphia Eagles will take on the 14-3 Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 12 at 6:30 PM EST.

Recently fans of both teams have taken to calling the upcoming match-up ‘The Kelce Bowl,’ as Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce will be battling his brother and Eagles’ center, Jason Kelce. Super Bowl LVII will be eight-time-Pro-Bowl recipient Travis Kelce’s third Super Bowl in four years, and six-time-Pro-Bowl selection Jason Kelce’s second Super Bowl. However, just as Philadelphia is known as the ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ the Kelce brothers have deep respect for one another. 

“You won’t see me talking too much trash with how much respect and how much I love my brother,” said Travis Kelce. “But it’s definitely going to be an emotional game.”

Eagles fans are particularly excited about the coaching matchup. The former Eagles head coach from 1999-2012, Andy Reid, will be taking on Nick Sirianni and his new Eagles coaching staff. For many, Reid is a Philadelphian treasure for leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl back in 2004. 

“Andy Reid is the kind of guy that is going to run his offense the traditional way–he’s a hall of fame coach,” math teacher and Eagles fanatic Christian Haeberle said. “I think it’s going to be a very good coaching matchup, but I think the Eagles are going to win.”

Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie, fired Reid in 2012 after 14 seasons without a Super Bowl win, and then fired the replacement two seasons later. Regardless, Reid is still considered one of the most successful Eagles head coaches for taking the Eagles to five title games and a Super Bowl in his tenure. Nonetheless, second-year head coach Sirianni is not far behind for taking the Eagles to a Super Bowl. 

“I think Nick Sirianni is 100% the better coach,” senior and Eagles fan Kyle Kopko said. “He just walked into the organization and turned the whole thing around in one season. He’s clearly one of the biggest reasons we’re in the Super Bowl.”

Mr. Haeberle mostly agrees, but he has some reservations. 

“This is only Sirianni’s second year but he’s been really good. He has adapted to the team’s new plan really well, which a lot of coaches were not able to,” Mr. Haeberle said.

Moreover, the battle of the quarterbacks is definitely worth noting–it is the first time two African-American quarterbacks will be going head-to-head in a Super Bowl game. Veteran Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes II will attempt to handle second-year starter Jalen Hurts of the Eagles. 

Chiefs’ QB1 is still dealing with an ankle injury suffered in the divisional round against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he continued to play the rest of the divisional game and the AFC championship

I think it’s going to be a very good coaching matchup, but I think the Eagles are going to win.

— Christian Haeberle

“I believe the two weeks between the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl will provide Mahomes ample time to recover from the injury and play close to 100 percent [in the Super Bowl],” junior Omar Ashraf said. 

While their predictions may be in conflict, fans of both teams agree the matchup is going to be celebrated for years to come.

“The Chiefs will end up winning primarily due to their passing game and the Mahomes-Kelce connection” Ashraf said. 

Eagles fans are not sold.

“I predict the score to be 24-14” said Mr. Haeberle. “I just think that the Eagles are better in the trenches, and that is going to be the difference.”