Girls Varsity Lacrosse Comes to a Close


Last week, the girls varsity lacrosse team wrapped up their spring season, playing their final playoff game against Woodgrove High School on May 16. The Bulldogs worked hard through this tough but rewarding season, getting back into the groove of lacrosse after last year.

This year, there were a lot of new faces to the team. A majority of the girls varsity team in 2021 were seniors, which posed a bit of a challenge as returning players worked alongside several new players.

“We had a lot of seniors last year, so it was definitely an adjustment coming back with an almost entirely new team,” senior Paris Andos said.

Despite the adjustment period, the team did well for themselves, working hard to hone their skills and perform together as a team.

“Overall it felt like everyone got along super well, and we had a nice, energetic vibe going on,” Andos said. “Sometimes we [would] go and get coffee as a team after Saturday practices. We also tr[ied] to go to a couple team dinners and watch a college lacrosse game during the season.”

New players weren’t the only challenge that the team had to face. There were plenty of difficulties, especially with this being the first real season in about two years.

“We had a much smaller team this season as compared to last year,” senior Madison Cleavinger said. “Also, we faced difficulties with several of our players facing injuries or illnesses during the season.”

However, the girls pushed through, making it all the way to the playoffs even with the many challenges that they faced.

We had some exciting hard-fought wins and frustrating losses. However, games and statistics aside, the improvement from the beginning of the season to the end is noticeable.

— Madison Cleavinger

“[The challenges] forced us to be adaptive for practices and games,” said Cleavinger. “We had to come together. Everyone had to step up this season.”

While the season may have ended with an upsetting playoff loss, the girls worked hard throughout the year to make themselves successful, and they are proud of the games that they have gotten to play.

“We had some exciting hard-fought wins and frustrating losses,” Cleavinger said. “However, games and statistics aside, the improvement from the beginning of the season to the end is noticeable. The past four years have consisted of immense commitment during the on and off-season. There was lots of blood, sweat, tears, and some really nasty bruises, but I am glad to have been a part of the program. I’ll miss all the girls and wish them the best of luck next year!”