World Cup Qualifying Matches

World Cup Qualifying Matches


The 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying games are reaching their final stretch as countries from all over the world compete for the chance to take home the cup. Many teams aim to bring their country first victories, while some vie to continue their dominance of the sport. 

The FIFA World Cup, a 12-day international soccer competition, is taking place in Qatar. With the tournament usually starting in July, Qatar made the decision to move competition to Nov. 21 as the summer weather could reach upwards of 120 degrees. So far, 29 out of the 32 teams entering the championship have been determined. However, the world is still concerned about ways this tournament might differ from previous years. 

“Following some reports and rumours spread today, FIFA would like to clarify that there will be no changes to the rules regarding the length of football matches for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™️ or any other competition,” FIFA said in a statement on Twitter.

I watch the World Cup because I’m a huge fan of soccer and generally am excited to see my favorite players in one setting

— Neha Srinivasan

Fan favorites such as Brazil, England, France, Argentina, and Germany have all qualified for the tournament. Esteemed players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, playing for Portugal and Argentina respectively, are attending, increasing overall excitement among soccer fans. 

“Mostly, I watch the World Cup because I’m a huge fan of soccer and generally am excited to see my favorite players in one setting,” sophomore Neha Srinivasan said.

Brazil is currently holding the top spot for medals won in the World Cup (nine total medals, five gold medals). Furthermore, Germany, Italy, and Argentina are all likely to place in competition, but fans of the sport know an unexpected victory is always possible. 

“Obviously I want the USA to win, but I think either Brazil or Spain will win this year,” Srinivasan predicted.

While most rankings are determined, some countries have not yet competed. The Ukraine and Scotland match was postponed because of the ongoing war in Ukraine, and matches for Peru, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE have yet to hit the pitch. 

Qualifying competition is set to end in June; stay tuned for the rest of the early matches, and set your calendars for the fall when the World Cup will name the next international soccer champions. 

“When I was a kid I really enjoyed watching the World Cup,” sophomore Zubair Mahedavi said. “The intense competition… really influenced me to start paying attention to world soccer, which is why I’m excited to watch it in 2022.”