Boys Soccer: Goals For the Mid-Season


Lex Chapman, Newspaper Staff

Boys varsity soccer started their season with high tensions, keeping an even win-to-loss ratio for the first four matches. On Wednesday, Mar. 30th, the team fell short against Tuscarora High School, leaving the players eager to make a comeback in future games.

When it comes to staying determined and in high spirits, enjoying practice and big matches play an important role in team success.

“The season has been great and I am enjoying it [so far],” sophomore Troy Marquez said.

As the season progresses, the team continues to put their best foot forward, training over and over again to make improvements to their skills, agility, and endurance.   

“We practice everyday besides Monday and Thursday, which are game days,” freshman Brendand Devine said. “Practices really consist of passing, working on our touches, shooting, communication, and then after game days we might have a chill practice and play some games.”

Individual efforts are what make the team such an accomplished group. Every practice is used to refine their craft and turn them into serious contenders. 

“So far, our team is improving each game, and we are doing very well in possessing the ball,” Coach Musau said. “We have a lot of good teams in our conference so we are making sure that we limit the amount of time the other team has possession of the ball.”

With a couple wins under their belt, the team looks forward to challenging future matches of increasing vigor. 

“I’m looking forward to the Riverside game,” senior Ethan Czajka said. “I think it’s going to be one of the closest we’ll have [all season].”

Although the team trains hard and sees fruitful results, their goals and expectations continue to rise with each victory. 

“I expect to win [our matches] and get to states,” Marquez said. 

Through hard work and dedication, anyone can take on the challenge of playing the most popular sport in the world. If you’re interested in contributing to the team, tryouts for next season will take place during the last week of Feb. 2023. 

“If you’re 50/50 on trying out for the soccer team or not, just do it,” Czajka said. “Musau makes sure the team environment is always good, and he likes to have fun at practices.”

If you aren’t the most sporty, attending the games and cheering on our Bulldogs is a perfect contribution as well. Their upcoming match is the next chance to do so; come see them play at Woodgrove High School on Apr. 4 and show your Stone Bridge spirit!