Hockey Breaks the Ice

With a slow start against Tuscarora High School and Heritage High School, the Stone Bridge ice hockey team has quickly bounced back, winning 5-4 against Briar Woods and 3-2 against Potomac Falls High School and Dominion High School.

In high spirits after these wins, the team is anticipating challenging games against teams such as Riverside High School and Broad Run High School.

“Riverside, I think, will be a fun game because they’re a good team, and I know a lot of players on the team,” freshman Michael Maley said. “Broad Run will be fun as well because it’s kind of like Battle of the Burn, except it’s hockey.”

In addition to these awaited matches, the team’s long-term goal is to make it to the state finals. Although eager to win in each performance, the team makes sure to acknowledge its efforts regardless of the final outcome.

“Everyone has to compete–everyone has to give their best effort. If we do that and don’t win states, then I think it was a good year,” sophomore Dylan Anderson said. “Everyone has to give 100% or else it’s not going to happen.”

Hockey is a largely team-oriented sport. Due to this, having various skill levels on the same team creates unique season strategies and game plans, as well as shifts in the team dynamic.

“We’re all very different players; some of us are seniors, freshmen. We even have girls on the team, which is great,” Anderson said. “The skill levels are very diverse, so working around that is going to be a struggle mainly for our team.”

Despite this possible obstacle, finding the right combination of players can allow them to use those varying skill sets as an advantage.

“The team compatibility is actually really good,” junior Ethan Kwak said. “I think since it’s the first couple games we still have some adjusting to do, so we’re just looking for the right pair to stick with so we can get that good chemistry going.”

The team compatibility is actually really good.”

— Ethan Kwak

Being a player is not the only way hockey fans at Stone Bridge can participate. Assisting in the management of the team is the perfect opportunity for zealots without on-ice experience to contribute.

“If you like hockey but never really got into playing, I think that this is definitely something fun to do,” assistant manager Brendan Yoshida said.

Although this is a great way to show support, every fan can contribute to the team. Showing up and cheering on the team is sure to boost all of the players’ morale.

“[It’s] a little nerve-wracking but it was amazing,” sophomore Danny Braza said. “You have the team to hype you up and people from school watching you play, it feels amazing.”

A perfect opportunity to start attending would be the upcoming game at Haymarket Iceplex against John Champe High School and Lightridge High School. Be sure to get to the game by 9:30 p.m on Fri, Dec. 10.

“I’m sure we’d all really appreciate it if everyone came out and supported the team,” junior Kiran Flieg said.

And if watching them play sparks something in you, consider trying out next Sept. and Oct. for the 2022-2023 season.

“You make it, you learn the ropes, you learn the different set plays that we have,” Flieg said. “If you can help out the team then you’re welcome [to join].”