2021 Kicks Off with a Triumphant Streak

The varsity football team remains undefeated as of Sep. 24, with a five game winning streak. The team is currently ranked first in their division and second in the state. 

Last Friday, the varsity football team defeated their competition with a current season total of 184 points, 26 touchdowns, 821 receiving yards, 1138 rushing yards, and 289 tackles, resulting in school-wide enthusiasm, accompanied with an ever-present desire to improve.

“We’ve been undefeated 11 or 12 times in 20 years, so it’s not about being undefeated,” head coach Mickey Thompson said. “It’s about being in the last game, playing on a rise and playing our best.” 

As the season continues, the football players train relentlessly in an effort to improve, keeping their spirits high and their scores higher. 

“This year our practices are not the most crisp they’ve been, but they’re getting better every week,” team captain Carter Sweazie said. “People are starting to learn their job and it’s more focused. We’re just taking initiative and really trying to crack down.”

In a sport that is largely dependent on physical contact, the COVID-inflicted safety regulations that were enforced during last year’s season have proven to be an obstacle for the team and their development.

“Last season you had to change up your training routines, and you don’t have as much time as you did in the regular season,” team captain Eli Mason said. 

Despite these obstacles, the team has proven to be victorious against the other teams in the county. While they are scheduled to face challenging opponents in the future, such as long-time rival, Broad Run, and perennial powerhouse, Highland Springs, the team has a strategy that has proven to be effective so far. 

“Take it week by week and don’t get cocky, because that’s when we lose. Just stay focused, no matter who you’re playing.” Sweazie said.

By staying humble and determined, the football team has maintained goals for the future that keep them motivated through rigorous training.

We’ve been undefeated 11-12 times in 20 years, so it’s not about being undefeated. It’s about being in the last game, playing on a rise and playing our best.

— Head coach Mickey Thompson

“Our goal is to win a district championship, the last game of the season, go to the playoffs and see what we can do,” Coach Thompson said.

While the football players are doing their part to represent Stone Bridge, the students still have an obligation towards the school and its success. Showing up to games, cheering loudly, and humbling the rest of the opponents’ fans with unparalleled school spirit makes a big difference.

“[The supporters] are appreciated, and we definitely know they’re there,” Coach Thompson said. “There’s been numerous times where I’ve turned around, and so obviously they’re making some noise. Our kids appreciate it, I think it’s a good mix right now, and we gotta continue to help them.”

Stone Bridge will be hosting Broad Run this Saturday at Segra Field in Leesburg for Battle of the Burn. Make sure to grab tickets to support the Bulldogs in their effort to remain victorious over the state.

“We need to take another jump,” Coach Thompson said. “I want to win.”