Color Guard Blasts Into the New Season


Holland Quinn, Staff Writer

The Color Guard is preparing for many competitions and football games this year. They perform at every football halftime with the marching band as the visual aspect.


“Color Guard is a dance oriented sport that focuses on equipment,” Captain Mae Ryan said. 


They are currently preparing and practicing routines for their many competitions with the marching band. 


“My favorite part of Color Guard is spending time with friends, teaching others how to do cool tosses, and looking at the flag silks,” junior Smita Tallah said. “Talking, flags, and rifles is the best way to describe it.”


Color Guard works with Lindsay Blanks to form new routines to perform at football halftimes and competitions.


“The Color Guard is really cool,” junior Alissa Lovejoy said. “They’re different from the marching band, but still work really well together.”


The guard works and practices with the marching band in order to increase the visual aspects of the halftime performance.


“Color Guard creates a time for bonding, it creates a family,” Tallah said. 


The theme for the marching band this year is SPACE RACE. They wear NASA uniforms and have many different flags to perform with.


“The most difficult part of Color Guard is probably learning the tosses,” Ryan said.


The main equipment used in routines are colorful flags, but one can graduate from using only a flag to using a flag or a rifle. 


“We’re graded on the visual part in competitions,” Tallah said. “We’ve already gotten second place, and we’ll keep working to get a higher score.”

The marching band and guard have their next competitions on October 5th, October 26th, and November 2nd

“We perform at every home football game at halftime with the marching band,” sophomore Shona Aceto said. 


The Color Guard practices separately from the marching band for a few hours and then goes to rehearse their routines with the band. 


“Join Color Guard!!!” Ryan exclaimed.