Volleyball Season Arrives


Anna Ortiz, Staff Writer

The volleyball season is well on its way as athletes prepare for State finals in November. With some new faces on the court, and some older ones too,  the team is sure they will be able to make their way to the top.


”There is a different mix of people and personalities, everyone brings something different to the court,” varsity coach Jill Raschiatore said.


After losing seven of their team members last year, the varsity team is now filled with many new athletes. With the arrival of new players comes a bit of a challenge, however many teammates are sure they will find success despite the new change.


“We are all very positive, and we lift each other up rather than down,” senior Emily Gause said. 


By working hard and staying determined, the teams are sure they will win and continue to succeed. Coach Raschiatore has been coaching varsity volleyball for multiple years and knows how the team always comes together in the end. Although it might seem the team has had smooth sailing, though this season it didn’t start out this way. 


“In the beginning of the season, we played five back to back games with harder teams, but after that harder period of time, it started to become easier,” junior Mahala Esser said.’


After getting through their difficulties, the varsity team was able to look forward to their goals. The varsity players were able to focus on what they knew they were good at, and what they need to work on before state championships in November.


“We are consistent with our energy, and the way we play. This year we need to focus on playing our own game,” Senior, varsity player Madeline Bonifas said. 


The varsity team has been doing exceptionally well this year with nine wins and three losses. With 15 more games this season, there is a lot to be excited for. On Oct. 10, Stone Bridge will play Woodgrove High School at home.


The freshmen team, who have won a total of four games, are being coached by Richard Laird this season. The junior varsity team has won six games and are being coached by Shannon Mistron. Overall, all teams have been on a winning streak. 


“Volleyball is the highlight of my day. No matter how frustrating the day is, I get to walk into the gym and just focus on something other than school. I’ve always had that competitive spirit as well,” Coach Rashiatore said.