A Fresh Start For the Swim Team

Sravani Sunkara, editor in chief

The swim team is undergoing many changes including a new coach, new team members, and new goals. The team was very successful last year, since many swimmers went to regionals and states.


The coach, Jarrett Sites, is new to coaching, but he has a very clear strategy that revolves around creating an open-minded environment with an emphasis on goal-setting and striving towards an incentive.


“I want to create a judgmental-free zone where athletes and parents alike can come to me with any sort of question and to get the athletes to think of personal goals they would like to accomplish like states in an event, a PR for a new race, or to learn a new stroke,” Coach Sites said.


Goal-setting is a very important part of Coach Sites’s coaching strategy because it boosts motivation and creates an environment with incentives for the team in order to keep every team member striving for something. Previous members of the team are returning this season with new individual and team goals they hope to achieve.


“I want us to cheer more for each other during the meets and be more enthusiastic during practice,” junior Andrea Stefanyshyn said. “A personal goal I want to achieve this season is qualifying for states in the 100 free and 200 free and connecting more with my teammates.”


Stefanyshyn participates in competitive swimming outside of school as well, and she identifies key differences between the two.


“The training is more difficult and last longer, and the people are way faster,” she said. “We also do dryland, which is weight training, for an hour twice a week, so it is a very different experience.”


Junior Samuel Knowles has specific time goals this season.


“I want to get 24 seconds for a 50 yard freestyle,” Knowles said.


Since many swimmers have left since the last season, there is an opportunity and need for new leaders to step up to the plate.


“[Returning team members] are going to have to learn to swim and lead without the seniors,” sophomore Michael Coppola said.


Many swimmers who have been on the team during previous seasons are looking forward to a great season filled with personal records, team records, and school records.