Blue, Silver, White… Fight Fight Fight!

Joshua Montano, editor in chief

Adding onto the undefeated winning streak, the Stone Bridge Football team took another Homecoming win 49-6 last Friday Oct. 5 over Briar Woods.

The blacked-out Bulldog Pound student section watched the Bulldogs take their 6th win in the conference, allowing the Stone Bridge to take the 1st place spot in the VA state football rankings according to MaxPreps.

The running game has proven to work for Stone Bridge, with five of the seven touchdowns coming from players sophomore Coyne Mason, junior Zakias Moore, and junior Jared Cole.

Coach Mickey Thompson notices that this was the 12th out of 18 Homecoming games that the football team came into undefeated, which bred confidence in the players and coaches.

Although overconfidence is a possibility, Mr. Thompson had no such fear of it being a problem.

“Not really, as long as we can recognize that the work is getting done in practice,” Mr. Thompson said. “Overconfident people have a tendency to not work hard in practice.”

While the Homecoming game is still important to senior quarterback Mason Tatum, he treats the game as if it is any other game.

“We take every game one step at a time, focus on that week,” Tatum said. “We just prepare ourselves in the same matter as if we are playing any elite team.”

The establishment of a routine before games has also helped the team go out and get pumped for the game ahead.

“We always run out to the same song, and then we always have the fog in the tunnel, and we run through the banner,” Tatum said.