Girls Basketball Brings in the Baskets

Brennah Lee, Opinions Editor

The varsity girls are continuing their winning streak into their second game against Riverside with a close score of 54-52 in what proved to be a real “nail-biter” match.

Though sophomore Anna LeMaster and senior Chloe Madgwick both scored 21 points each, the game was won by a putback by junior Lauren Hines.

The Lady Bulldogs already started their season off strongly with a 63-39 win for their first game of the season, against Jefferson WV High School on Nov 28. During that game, they had a balanced scoring by all the girls, but LeMaster and Madgwick made considerable contributions, with LeMaster scoring 19 points and Madgwick close behind with 18.

The JV, freshman, and varsity teams all started off with tryouts on Monday Nov. 6, followed by scrimmages against Loudoun Valley on Nov. 17 and Oakton on Nov. 18.

“I’m looking forward to having a fun and succesful season.” junior Cat-Thy Dang said. “I really like the sport and spending time with my teammates.”

This year the varsity team consists of 13 girls from all grades, and they will be coached by Head Coach Kyle Linder and Assistant Coach Skyla Ausel, and has three managers. The JV team also has 13 athletes. They will be coached by Solomon Wright. The freshman team has fewer players, with 12, and is coached by Amy Spring.

“Coach Spring knows our limits, when we’re tired, and if we’re in a mood, it’s nice.” freshman Carly Chiat said. “Our best player on the freshman team would have to be Allison Carolan.”

Overall, the players had nothing but positive words to describe their coaches.

“Coach Wright is really supportive and optimistic.” Dang said.

Over the course of this season, which will continue until Feb. 9, each team will have 21 games and play against 13 teams, ending the regular season with a Battle of the Burn match as their last game.

Their competitors include John Champe, Broad Run, Freedom, Potomac Falls, Briar Woods, Tuscarora, Rock Ridge, Battlefield, Woodgrove, West Springfield, Forest Park, Park View, and Riverside.

“Our biggest rivals would have to be Broad Run, Briar Woods, and Potomac Falls” Dang said.

Home games take place on Nov. 18 and 28, Dec. 5, 14, 12, and 20, Jan. 5, 9, 16, 18, 19, and 26, as well as Feb. 6. Their games are later in the evening, with most of the games starting at 7:15pm.

“I’m really looking forward to improving my skills.” Dang said.

The Lady Bulldogs also have the advantage of having the help of veteran players and former seniors Emma Harwood and Holly Cravens during practices. Both girls were formerly on the varsity team in the 2016-2017 school year. Harwood and Cravens stop by periodically to provide support and advice to the current players on the teams.

“I hope to score at least 20 points.” Chiat said. “I’m looking forward to bus rides with teammates and meeting new people.”

They are prepared to do their best, and Head Varsity Coach Kyle Linder tweeted that he was “Incredibly proud of how tough our girls have been so far. This team is gonna do big things.”