Running Dog Productions Puts on “The Addams Family”

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Running Dog Productions Puts on “The Addams Family”

Juliana Ciavarro, Online Editor in Chief

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On April 19, 20, and 21, Running Dog Productions put on the spring musical of The Addams Family.

With over 1300 students, friends, and other guests attending the show, the musical was a huge success.

The Addams Family is a musical that highlights a family that is anything but normal. The main characters were played by Kyle Broderick as Gomez, Paisley Lobue as Morticia, Bethany Shears as Wednesday, William Helmrath as Uncle Fester, and Paravi Das as Grandmama.

As the Addams family is best known for their pleasure in pain and morbid sense of lifestyle, the Stone Bridge students who played these roles fully portrayed the characters and gave the audience an excellent taste of the strange life the Addams family lived.

The second half of the show revolved around Wednesday falling in love with a “normal” boy named Lucas Beineke, played by Taylor Stevens.

Together, Stevens and Shears fulfilled the roles of star-crossed lovers that, to them, both had abnormal families. The show was full of constant laughter from the audience as the cast showed what happens when the two different families met at a dinner.

During the Addam’s and Beineke’s first dinner together, Pugsley slipped something in Wednesday’s drink that ended up in the hands of Alice Beineke which caused her to say everything she was thinking and eventually brought her and Mal closer together.

The Beinekes ,played by Kate Harwood as Alice and Maxx Peak as Mal, brought comedy to the show as the audience saw how they went from a bland marriage to one of laughter and fun, all thanks to Pugsley, played by Emre Ocak.

Kyle Broderick and Paisley Lobue perfectly played their roles and were true stars throughout the whole show. With Gomez having an accent, Kyle was challenged with singing and saying all his lines in a Spanish accent,

However, Broderick did that flawlessly without breaking character once, which impressed the viewers.

Likewise, Kate Harwood’s performance of “Waiting” stood out. With her range of vocals and ability to show her character’s true self, it stole the show away.

The costumes, makeup, and hair of all the ancestors was impressive as they all truly looked unique, but still organized. It was very professional and gave a nice touch to the scenery throughout the show.

Finally, the choreography of the dances were spot on. Every song had a new element it brought to the show and added diversity.

From slow dances, to fast paced group dances, and all types of flips and tricks, there was never a performance that the audience was not completely sucked in.

Overall, the Running Dog’s production of The Addams Family was my favorite show I have attended during my four years at Stone Bridge.