College Checklist: A Rough Guide on Where You Should Be


Nusaiba Mahmud, Editor-in-Chief

A college degree, a milestone in life many are eager to achieve and show off. As the year gradually comes to an unsatisfying end, the class of 2021 should be starting to revise their college application. 

While early decision, and early action deadlines are over for the majority of colleges, from now till mid January, many colleges are getting ready to receive regular decision applications. 

“The college application process was extremely stressful,” senior Shivani Vaddepalli said. “I was more prepared than I thought I was though, and I have already applied to some.”

The Common App essay or Coalition statements, specific college supplemental essays, teacher recommendations, FAFSA, CSS profiles, counselor recommendations, and so much more are required to satisfy the never-ending requirements of colleges . 

“I don’t even think I’m ready for it to be honest,” senior Diana Aguilera said, “but I have been researching colleges and universities that I want to attend.”

With the January 1 deadline, creeping up on SBHS seniors within less than two months, here is where most college applicants should be in the process right now.