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Women March for Rights

Cecilia Gagliano, Entertainment Editor

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Last year millions of women took the streets the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan 21, 2017, angered and fed up with the country’s recent election, and the discrimination women have been facing.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came upon a quote I believed really resonated with what these women are fighting for, “I am not free while any women is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own,” feminist Audre Lorde said.

This is exactly the message of this story, women fighting for other women. If we are not all privileged with the same rights no matter the situation, then we are not able to achieve gender equality.

On Jan, 20 of this year, women around the world did just exactly that as they gathered in protests and marches fighting for women empowerment and equality.

Women were protesting healthcare issues and challenges such as abortion rights, as well as changes to medicaid and medicare.

This year the hot topic at the women’s march were the well known #METOO and Times Up movements, a platform to help and encourage women who have been sexually assaulted to report those assaults to promote awareness and discourage future attacks.

After hundreds of women reporting sexual assault accusations towards higher authorities, like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and even our own president Donald Trump, women are hoping to see changes in the near future to prevent similar situations.

In support, we saw actors and actresses wearing black dresses and suits to the Golden Globes and carrying white roses to the Grammy awards as a symbol for bringing awareness to sexual assault.

The battle over health care and millions of cases of assault have inspired more women to take office than ever before, resulting in a new movement, power to the polls.

These marches and recent events have inspired a new culture for women to fight for their rights and raise their voices.

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Women March for Rights