Newest King of the United Kingdom


For the first time in 70 years, there was the crowning of a new monarch. On May 6 in Westminster Abbey, King Charles III was crowned King of England succeeding his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

A coronation is the bestowing of a crown unto a monarch’s head symbolizing his or her appointment of rule over his or her country. Over 18 million people tuned in live to watch the historical moment. Along with King Charles III, his wife, Camila, will also be crowned the Queen of the United Kingdom.

“We have had a monarchy for hundreds of years and it is our connection with the past,” Swiss tourist Maite Visinanda said to Reuters. “Where else would you get these crowds, It has just been the most marvelous sense of occasion.”

King Charles commissioned 12 new pieces of music for the coronation including a march. This was the first of many events to take place in honor of the historical moment. Notably, a coronation concert, featuring global musical icons, was held at Windsor Castle on May 7.

“A range of musical styles and performers blend tradition, heritage and ceremony with new musical voices of today, reflecting The King’s life-long love and support of music and the arts.” Buckingham palace said in a press release as reported by Hope Coke.

The reaction of the concert was met with lots of criticism. The role of the King of England is mainly ceremonial while the power making and passing of legislation is done by an elected Parliament. However, the monarchs still have a role of serving their people mainly through charity. 

My big concern is that younger people are losing interest in all of this and it won’t be the same in the future.

— Louise Fellow

With the coronation of King Charles, public opinion regarding the necessity of the monarch has been questioned with only 55% of the British people considering the monarch important, according to the National Center for Social Research.

“My big concern is that younger people are losing interest in all of this and it won’t be the same in the future,” crowd member Louise Fellow said in an interview. 

Though the royal family has a smaller role in political ruling than they used to during the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s rule, they still have a job of representing England and its vast history. 

“Such a wonderful, historic occasion.” Karen LN Hollis said on Twitter. “Three generations of us watched at home & my 105 year old grandma watched it from her care home.”