Biden’s Trillion Dollar Plan


As we come closer to post-COVID times, the Biden’s administration is gearing to boost the economy. President Biden disclosed his trillion dollar infrastructure plan on Oct. 13 as a means to upgrade our country’s infrastructure. 

The plan aims to improve transportation systems, care for senior citizens, drinking-water systems, electric grids, commercial buildings, houses, schools, manufacturing plants, and job training efforts. The cost for these projects, at the taxpayers expense, would be a whopping $3.5 trillion.

“These are investments we have to make,” President Joe Biden said. “We can afford to make them. To put it another way–we can’t afford not to.” 

Biden’s goals aim to upgrade our country’s infrastructure to more contemporary standards. 

Nonetheless, there have been many politicians against the plan. Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said that he is likely to not support the proposal due to tax increases. 

While some claim the plan is going to bankrupt our country, Democratic Majority Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer, thinks of the bill as a means to create jobs while simultaneously promoting clean energy and transportation.

The plan is also going to upgrade schools and hospitals by renovation and cash-influxes to states with inadequate infrastructure. 

Tennessee, for example, is receiving $7 billion to upgrade its framework because some of its schools and roads in the rural areas have not been upgraded to 21st century standards. A number of schools in Tennessee have not been renovated since the 70s, and many hospitals remain single floored with inadequate amounts of beds. 

This plan is voted to improve states like Tennessee because they need it more than other counties. That is why this plan will not bring much cash to Loudoun County, for it is named the second richest county in the nation. 

These are investments we have to make. We can afford to make them. To put it another way–we can’t afford not to. ”

— President Joe Biden

With the budget aside and as the climate summit is approaching, it seems that Biden is pushing harder on this bill.  

Included in this bill is the hope to establish a more environmentally friendly infrastructure. Biden wants to build a national network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, upgrade school buses to run on electric power, and add solar panels on government buildings.

Ultimately, the back and forth debate in the senate is going to change the future of our country. Both Democrats and Republicans are skeptical of the passing of this plan and the hole in the revenue this plan may inflict.