Kim Kardashian on SNL

Kim Kardashian on SNL

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been around since the 70s and during that time the show has had many hosts. Few hosts, however, have boosted viewership like fashion star, Kim Kardashian.

On Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021, a promotional video revealed that Kim Kardashian would be the host for that week’s SNL, sending the entertainment industry into a maelstrom of news.

The episode consisted of the common SNL host introduction, some music performances and many skits that poke fun at Kardashian and her family. Kardashian’s opening monologue started with her expressing excitement for hosting SNL and how she is ready to laugh at herself. Quickly, the monologue rolled into nonstop jokes about past scandals and drama involving the Kardashians, eventually leading into the first skit.

The Kardashian skits consisted of “Aladdin and Jasmine,” innuendos with an Aladdin overlay; “The Dream Guy,” a Bachelorette parody with appearances from famous male celebrities; “Ladies Night Song,” a Girls Night Out anthem; “Lotto Drawing“, fake lottery drawings with a humorous twist; “The Switch,” a body switch story; “The People’s Kourt,” a people’s court TV spoof headed by Kim acting as her sister Kourtney Kardashian; and “Skims Commercial,” a poke at Kardiashian’s Skims clothing line, this time for dogs.

The two most notable acts were “The Switch,” where Kardashian and SNL actor Aidy Bryant use a magical clock to switch bodies. Bryant then gets to live life as the international superstar and vice versa. While Brytant adores her new, luxurious lifestyle alongside Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian insults the casual way of life in which Bryant lives. The other skit, “The People’s Kourt”, shows was a culmination of almost every drama the Kardashian family is going through, but magnified to be laughed at.

I thought it was really funny! I wasn’t expecting much from Kim, but she actually had some pretty good jokes.”

— Sophomore Soumya Kosoor


Many Stone Bridge students approved of these jokes, feeling as though the Kardashians are able to laugh at themselves.

“I thought Kim’s monologue was pretty funny,” sophomore Anika Malayla said. “Like the honest sarcasm is what made me laugh.”

Overall, the premiere of this episode was followed by SNL viewership climbing higher than it’s ever been within the past decade. 

“I thought it was really funny,” sophomore Soumya Kosoor said. “I wasn’t expecting much from Kim, but she actually had some pretty good jokes.”