Danger in the Devious Lick and Other TikTok Trends


As students return to school, so do viral TikTok trends that have taken the social media world by storm. Recently, an email had been sent out to all the teachers regarding a list of upcoming TikTok trends that urges teachers to be cautious. 

One of the most unique things about TikTok is the app’s ability to spread videos rapidly. In this instance, a trend called ‘Devious Lick’ went viral, encouraging students to steal and vandalize school resources. This challenge has had a huge impact on schools, resulting in various forms of punishments, including the closure of student bathrooms. 

“Fortunately, LCPS locations were not hit hard by September’s challenge to vandalize bathrooms,” Superintendent Scott Ziegler said in his newsletter to teachers and parents. “We are asking you to have conversations with your kids about the disruptive nature of these challenges.” 

Although students at Stone Bridge have not participated in these trends as frequently, it has proven to be a huge issue across the country. To prevent the inevitable damages, the staff has taken measures.

“I have made announcements to all of my blocks, notifying them that we are aware of them and to make smart choices,” study hall teacher Michele Cross said. 

The “Devious Lick” trend isn’t the only viral challenge on TikTok that is a threat to the educational experience of students and teachers. Several other trends are rumored to be surfacing soon, including: smacking a teacher, vandalizing school signs, and purposefully making huge messes in the school cafeterias. 

I’m honestly not worried about any of them. I have faith that our community will make the right choice and make smart decisions.

— Study hall teacher Michele Cross

There are many theories for why students participate in these trends, and none of them put the challenges in a positive light.

“I think students do trends because of a lot of reasons,”  senior Alex Axtell said. “They see other people do it and think it’s funny, they are pressured into it, and they do it for views and popularity.”

These trends promote vandalism and theft among TikTok users, and because of the huge influence it has on younger generations, these challenges will continue to result in severe consequences that could negatively impact a student’s life forever. 

“Such behaviors could result in school disciplinary consequences and criminal charges,” Superintendent Ziegler said.

While many teachers are actively preparing for what is to come, other teachers have confidence in the maturity of Stone Bridge students.

“I’m honestly not worried about any of them,” Ms. Cross said. “I have faith that our community will make the right choice and make smart decisions.”