LCPS 2020 Hybrid Plan


Hunter Berjansky, Staff Writer

Despite recent announcements about LCPS returning to distance learning on Tuesday Dec 15, plans are still underway to begin hybrid learning next semester.


With possibilities of a new vaccine, Loudoun County Public Schools have decided to give the option of hybrid learning to their students. The transition will happen Jan. 21 and both types of learning will be different from the other.


Hybrid students will attend school in person two days a week.  Some students will be in school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and others on Thursdays and Fridays.


“There will be a microphone in every classroom so you can hear the students sitting in the room as well as the teacher, similar to a normal class,” principal Mr. Flynn said. 


Traveling between classes will be strictly monitored by teachers to ensure social distancing. Hallways have become two-way, going back and forth, with roundabouts at the intersections. The squares on the floor will be used to keep track of distance between students in the halls.


Students cannot get water, go to the bathroom or deviate from their path to class during passing time. E-hallpass will be used to regulate bathroom visits during class. No more than 6 students are allowed in a bathroom at once with teachers keeping track.


Buses will be used and will follow a one person every other seat rule. Due to these limitations multiple trips may be needed. 


The survey indicates 35% (just over 600 students) have signed as of Dec. 10. Clubs will remain online.


There will still be four lunches. Tables have been removed and replaced with individual desks spread six feet apart. The AUX gym may be used for lunch if the numbers for hybrid increase.


“I just needed to get out of the house, sitting inside feels depressing and it feels like friends are more distant,” sophomore Kyle Kopko said.