SBHS Goes Through Accreditation

Evelyn Rude, staff writer


SBHS has had many adults with notebooks walking into classes and observing the students and teachers. They are being inspected for accreditation.

It is a requirement for a school to be accredited in order to for parents and students who want to attend the school to know that the school exceeds the minimum standards of quality. The standards include student input on the school, teachers knowing how to explain to students the curriculum, the faculty is doing their job in maintaining the school, and the school understanding what they need to improve on and what they excel in.

The process takes about a year to fully survey the school for accreditation. There are about six independent teams consisting of verified people (mainly principals from other schools) who would walk around classes and rooms for a span of two days. For the rest of the accreditation that would take around a year, the school does surveys with students and teachers. In the beginning of the year, teachers were gathered and attended meeting to choose who would be apart of the board of accreditation. As the year progresses, more information would be gathered and would be sent to the independent teams. The independent teams would annually visit the school every five years to verify if the information the school sent matched up with the information they gained from surveying the school in person.

From this year’s gathered information, students who participated in the surveys wanted more engagement in learning, they want the choice to be able to collaborate with others, to work in teams, and flexible chairs.

Principal Flynn said, “I value the student’s input the most.”