Writer Center Strikes Back

Elaine Wuerschmidt, staff writer


The Writing Center makes a comeback this year with many new upgrades. Because of the new technology upgrades at the school, the Writing Center got a new room to work in. Room 400 has new decorations and a much more comfortable learning environment. The new improvements help to upgrade the Writing Center at Stone Bridge.


Open both A and B days for the first time this year, the writing center is available during all lunch shifts. There are many student tutors that work in the Writing Center, so there is always someone to work with.


Many new tutors are welcomed into the Writing Center family as well, diversifying the group of writers that come in for help.


“The more the age diversity of the tutors, the more the grade levels feel welcomed into the Writing Center”, senior Dominic Fornatora said.


The Writing Center helps to make the writing process easy. From getting a paper checked for errors, to the opinions of the tutors, the Writing Center is able to offer you a diverse array of options.


Fornatora has been a tutor in the Writing Center for two years now along with many other senior tutors.


“Working in the Writing Center for two years now has made me a better writer and a better teacher”, senior Cat-thy Dang said.


“After going to the writing center to get my college essay graded, I feel so much more confident and comfortable with my writing,” senior Ty Stokes said. The Writing Center has made many improvements from advertising to tutoring. With lots of benefits, the writing center is making moves. The tutors there are really helpful and always willing to answer questions.


On Nov. 9, Stone Bridge Writing Center is participating in the Secondary Schools Writing Center Association Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Representative’s from nationwide writing centers will be at the conference. The point of the conference is to share ideas and help to improve Writing Centers in all schools across the nation.