SBHS Hosts Loudon County College Fair


Ghazal Hami, staff writer

Thinking about all of the options and tasks that are involved with applying for college is like having one Uno card and then someone dropping a Plus Four on you. But, the College Fair can make it just a little bit easier.

On Sunday, Sept. 23, Stone Bridge High School hosted the annual LCPS College Fair. There were more than 200 colleges at the Fair, including George Mason, JMU, Virginal Tech, and North Carolina State University.

There were also some little-known colleges participating, like Bath Spa University,  Drexel University, Lander University, and Butler University.

Some students prefer to stay in state and don’t want to go to schools that are out of state.  “I really want to go to VCU because it’s close to home and it has good education,” junior Brenda Benson said.

Ms. Heather Jolly, Career Center Assistant, has some advice for students who are trying to find the right college fit. “College should feel like a best friend. Pursue those things that will bring the best in you and don’t worry too much,” Ms. Jolly said.

Faculty and staff members aren’t the only ones with advice. “For underclassmen, do not procrastinate, always do your work. Do not watch Netflix when you’re doing your homework,” junior Saipavan Koyada said.

Ms. Jolly is excited for the seniors to go to college and start their new path in life.