Loudoun County Opens New Academies of Loudoun Campus


Sravani Sunkara, editor-in-chief

In the short time the Academies of Loudoun has been open, it has left a positive impression on both the students and teachers alike. Its contemporary classrooms and innovative teaching structure is truly changing the game.

The integration of the schools has enabled collaboration between the three schools: Monroe Advanced Technical Academy, Academy of Science, and Academy of Engineering and Technology. Though they have not been working together educationally, they have been socially interacting throughout the school.

“I find myself engaging with MATA and AOS students in the many collaboration spaces like the color themed study areas and smart boards,” junior Kevin Zeng said. Zeng attends AOL as part of the computer science program and has had many positive experiences regarding the new technology in the building.

The students have increased availability to counseling and professional advice. For example, “Student Services” provides resources regarding internships, job opportunities, and advice, among other things.

“I like that we’re all in the same boat because everyone is focused on academics,” junior Esha Fateh said. “‘Student Services’ is super convenient because it informs us about the opportunities available for us, so we can take advantage of them,” she continued.

Students have not started to collaborate between schools yet, but it is a vision the school intends to integrate into the curriculum. After many years of being separate schools, the changes that have been introduced will be an adjustment, but many see the possible collaboration as an improvement compared to previous years.

“There are a lot more places to collaborate, and a lot of the walls in the building are ‘Winked’, so you can write on them,” sophomore Lameez Rajput said. Rajput attends MATA.

Teachers at other schools have begun to take notice in the shift in teaching style of the Academies of Loudoun. The shift from lecture-style to a more hands-on style of teaching is even more prominent at AOL.

“I think the methods the teachers use has changed to be more engaging, hands on, and related to the practical problems students will face as they enter college and the workforce, and the equipment at AOL will help facilitate that change,” Principal Timothy Flynn explained.