Freshmen Get Their First Taste of Their Next 4 Years

Allison Culko, Staff Writer

Every year rising freshman from feeder school, Trailside Middle School, come to Stone Bridge for a tour of their future high school.

“I am most looking forward to the clubs and activities because I feel to be part of something it is best to partake in activities such as sports teams, clubs, or anything to get involved with others,” rising freshman Lily Canoy said.

On April 27, the rising freshman came to Stone Bridge from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. for an orientation.

The eighth graders received a presentation and went on a student guided tour of the school.

“We wanted to tour guide because we think it would be better for the new freshmen to learn from current students, so they have someone to look up to,” sophomore, ICC member Malika Shaik

Unlike the previous years where there were two groups, this year all the students went on their tour at the same time, with different clubs stationed around the school.

“They will be touring the main parts of the building while visiting clubs stationed around the school. Afterwards, they will attend an athletic coaches panel and then a student panel,” sophomore, ICC member, Aili Hou said.

The main parts of the building shown included, where the academic classes are, where the fine arts hallway is, and the gym.

“I feel kinda nervous just about the first few days because of how much larger it seems, but I think everyone else whos coming feels like that too,” rising freshman Sofia Segura said.

Along with the tour, the rising freshman also attended a fall coaches panel and a student panel. The coaches panel is for the fall sport coaches, where they talked to students about information about the sport.  The student panel allowed the rising freshman to ask Stone Bridge students questions about high school.

“The stations they go through will help them with learning more about activities beyond academics, such as counseling and the career center,” Shaik.

When rising freshmen arrived, they watched a video about Stone Bridge. They also met the new principal, Mr. Tim Flynn, who will be taking over administrative duties starting on July 1.

“The video is an overview of how the tour will work as well as information about practices/procedures at Stone Bridge,” Hou said.

At the end of the touring and panels the rising freshmen walked back to Trailside