Season of Love or Season of Singing Telegrams?

Allison Culko, Staff Writer

Singing Telegrams at Stone Bridge high school will be delivered to students on Valentine’s Day Feb, 14.

“Our special day of love, at Stone Bridge,” Senior class sponsor officer Dominic Rutan said.

Auditions took place on Jan, 31 before school, and Feb, 1 after school. Students that were interested in auditioning were required to prepare one song to perform in front of Rutan and the class officers.

“Six groups have signed up to audition, the groups that are selected after the audition process will perform the singing telegrams,” Rutan said.

Singing Telegrams were sold for $5, and roses were sold for an extra $3 from Feb, 5 through Feb, 9 during the mornings and all lunch shifts outside of the cafeteria. All proceeds will be donated to funds for the graduating senior class.

“Students can purchase a singing telegram and rose for a fellow peer, friend, teacher, or a loved one,” Rutan said.

When a student buys a telegram, they select the group and song they like, and the person they want it to be sent to, along with an optional note that can be sent anonymously or with a name on it.

“We have sold 10 tickets so far and expect to sell at least 50,” senior Kevin Choo said.

Students can send singing telegrams to friends, teachers, or their significant others.

“The most requested group has been No Hard Feelings,” senior Scott Lung said.

The selected singing ensembles will go around to classes of the students who will be receiving the telegram.

“It was a big success last year, and we are hoping for the same this year,” Rutan said.

Teachers were asked what blocks they preferred to not be disturbed in.

“Love is love, so why not get a singing telegram,” senior class sponsor Dominic Rutan said

Not only are the students buying the telegrams excited, but the groups performing are looking forward to putting on a show for their fellow classmates.

“I am just so excited for the debut of our band, The Sweethearts. We wanted to share our musical talents with fellow students here at Stone Bridge,” singing telegram participant Amy Thompson said.

As the “season of love” approaches fast, these Stone Bridge groups hope to spread the love throughout the school by singing fan favorite songs throughout the day.