Educators Rising PNO

Evelyn Noronha, Editor-in-Chief

Once a month, Educators Rising hosts Parents’ Night Out at school. Parents can have an enjoyable night, without having to hire a babysitter.

“It is an affordable night out for the parents. Our ratio is 2:1.” Educators Rising sponsor Barbara Hochstein said. “They have peace of mind when the parents pick up and the kids don’t want to leave because they’ve had so much fun.”

The kids spend their time in the movie room, craft room, snack center, or gym. Pizza is also served as dinner during the event.

“I enjoy working with a bunch of kids from different age groups and getting to learn new things about them. I get to grow with them in the short period of time that we have,” Educators Rising officer Alissa Krynicki said. “I like the gym because you get to play a whole bunch of games.”

The night begins with parents dropping their kids in the lobby. At the end of the night, the kids gather in the gym as their parents arrive

“I really like working the front desk because you get to see the kids when they come in. You get to ask them what they think their favorite part is going to be,” Krynicki said. “You get to ask them again what their favorite part really was.”

It can be difficult for the children to cooperate knowing that their parents are leaving, but by the end of the night, the kids are happy to stay.

“I think getting to connect with the kids through activities was really something special because they just come up to you and hand you a ball,” senior Victoria Percherke said. “They don’t really ask; they just assume that you want to play with them.”

The planning for the next PNO starts place as soon as one ends. The Educators Rising officers meet at least once a month, along with hosting general meetings monthly.

“There is advertising to the public, recruiting volunteers, and determining activities and crafts for the kids,” Ms. Hochstein said.

Parents pay fifteen dollars for the first child, and then ten dollars for their additional children.

“It provides our club with opportunities to send people to conferences at low costs and provide scholarships for members of the club,” Ms. Hochstein said.

Students get hours for helping at Parents Night Out. Often, that is not the only reason why they volunteer.

“I enjoy creating relationships with the kids and being the reason why they have a friend,” Percherke said. “I think it’s cool being something they look up to.”