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Loudoun County Construction Craze

Jordyn Fantasia, news editor

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As per usual, Loudoun County is never short of growth and construction. The most prominent developments right now are the productions of multiple roads and overpasses along Route 7 throughout Ashburn.

Project Plans

Having broken ground by Shirley Construction on Oct. 15, 2015, the overpass jobs were estimated to have a duration of 3 years, and are expected to be complete by the end of this year.

Improving Safety

Given that the intersection between Belmont Ridge Road and Route 7 has been the most dangerous in Ashburn, with over 45 accidents occurring in just a 9-month time period during 2015, an interchange has been proven necessary. It is intended to thoroughly improve heaviness of traffic, and the amount of car crashes.

In addition to improving the safety of drivers, the enterprise will benefit those traveling on the W&OD trail as well, with the addition of a bridged road to pass over the trail, as opposed to going directly through it.

The fly-over at Ashburn Village Boulevard and Route 7 is also being produced to remedy the constant-accident issue, and also acting as more of a preemptive measure to prepare for an increase in population and traffic due to the growth of One Loudoun and its surrounding community.

“The project will take two years to complete and is chiefly funded by One Loudoun as a condition of the rezoning approval for the development,” according to Shirley Contracting.

Positive Impacts

In total, the two jobs are costing well over $10 million, combined for the county and other funding sources, and though the work has significantly impacted traffic flow, traveling routes, drive times, and overall ease of transportation, the overpasses’ benefits are anticipated to be worth the while.

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Loudoun County Construction Craze