Hispanic Heritage Month Happenings

Imogen Smith, staff writer

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, students and Spanish classes alike are exposed to the rich history, culture, and traditions.

Some Spanish classes are doing projects that will further inform students of Hispanic heritage. Ms. Adriana Rice’s Spanish II class will report on famous Hispanic people, while her Spanish III class will be going on a scavenger hunt where they will hunt for local Hispanic impact.

“They will be more aware how much Hispanic people have influenced,” Ms. Rice said.

To Spanish teacher Heather Goodwin, celebrating Hispanic culture is not limited to one month.

“We celebrate [Hispanic heritage and culture] all year round,” Ms. Goodwin said.

Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Rice think that celebrating all cultures is important.

“We should be aware of all cultures, so that there is more acceptance worldwide,” Ms. Goodwin said.

Students of Hispanic background are proud of their heritage.

“I am mostly proud of the culture and the countries my parents came from, Peru and Bolivia,” sophomore Jonathan Coello said.

There are differences Hispanic students have noticed from life in the US versus life in their home country, especially regarding family life.

“Kids, in general, respect their elders more over there. It has been ingrained in their minds from generation to generation,” freshmen Sarah Krishnamoorthy said. Krishnamoorthy has family in Columbia.

Krishnamoorthy went on to say her family will make any excuse to see each other, whether the excuse is a Christmas Eve party or a birthday.

There are many cities, including Washington D.C., that are holding events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage.

The National Air and Space Museum will holding a family day, where contributions of Hispanic people to aviation and space exploration will be celebrated. There will be a chance to meet Hispanic scientists and engineers.

In addition, the original Mayan contemporary dance group, Grupo Sotz’il, will be performing at the National Museum of the American Indian.