Science National Honor Society Process and Requirements

Molly Mica, Editor- in- Chief

Election of new officers for this year’s Science National Honor Society (SNHS) has sparked questions among upperclassmen concerning application process, service hour requirements, changes for the new school year, and more.

Application Process

Before applying for membership, sophomores, juniors, and seniors must check the SNHS website to see if they meet the academic requirements. “A student must have and maintain a 3.5 grade point average and a 3.75 science grade point average to be a member…A member must be enrolled in at least one honors or AP science class during or prior to the tenth grade year. A member must maintain a B+ average (or equivalent) across all science courses.”

Eligible students should have already completed the online application and turned in their $20 dues. Emails were sent to accepted applicants who were also required to attend the mandatory meeting on Friday morning, Sept. 29, 2017 in room.

Underclassmen Requirements

Once inducted, there are different service hour requirements for each grade. Sophomore members must complete five community service hours each semester, two and a half of which must be science related. Juniors are expected to complete six service hours each semester, three of which must be science related. Finally, seniors must complete eight service hours each semester, four of which must be science related.

Science related hours include helping set up labs for science teachers, volunteering at an elementary school science fair, or volunteering at a hospital. Some of these service hours are presented to members either through emails from SNHS officers about elementary school volunteering or notification from SBHS science teachers regarding lab set up. Others, however, like animal shelter or hospital volunteer positions, must be sought after by members.

It is recommended that members try to obtain a regular volunteer position in the science field because there are no restrictions on the number of hours a member can submit from any one organization.

Submitting hours is relatively simply, a printed activity sponsor signature sheet and online form have to be submitted for each activity members perform. The printed signature sheet can be submitted to either Ms. Whitmire or Ms. Karandikar.

Helpful Reminders

The due date for the first half of the required hours is Friday, Jan. 26, 2018. Second semester hours are due Friday, May 25, 2018.