Local Volunteer Opportunities

Chris Koehler, staff writer

Students at Stone Bridge are known for being involved both in their school and their community. This key pillar of the bulldog tradition is exemplified through their commitment to community service through organizations such as Key Club and NHS. However, at times students report that volunteer opportunities are hard to come by.

Opportunities for volunteer hours can be found in school sponsored activities or in events around all of Northern Virginia. With the school year recently kicking off, there are a number of opportunities for hours opening up.

Educator’s Rising is one of the largest clubs at Stone Bridge and can provide volunteer hours to help fill requirements for other organizations. Members visit an assigned elementary school teacher one morning of each week to help tutor or spend time with the kids. This one hour per week begins to accumulate as the club runs throughout the entire school year.

“My favorite part (of the club) is going to see my old school and the kids there” member Todd Ballinger said. Ballinger uses the hours acquired through Educator’s Rising to work towards fulfilling his NHS requirements as well.

If early mornings aren’t your thing, then perhaps working the concession stand at Stone Bridge sporting events is a better option. Students can sign up on the SBHS Boosters website for individual games that result in at least an hour of volunteering at a time. There are multiple opportunities during every sporting season, with football and volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and soccer and lacrosse in the spring.

“I enjoy volunteering at concessions because I enjoy being a part of all sporting events, and I also enjoy interacting with the fans” senior Ben Casto said when asked about his favorite parts of working concessions.

Many students enjoy participating in these school sponsored events, but you don’t have to stay confined to Stone Bridge activities when collecting your hours. There are opportunities available all around Ashburn, and knowing where to find them can prove useful.

“I help out at the pancake breakfasts over at the Ashburn Fire House”, said Brennah Lee when asked where she finds her volunteer hours. “It’s nice that there’s lots of friendly faces there, and even though you’re volunteering there you get to see everyone having a good time”.

Senior Scott Lung has been a part of NHS and other volunteer organizations throughout his entire high school career. Volunteering not only fulfills requirements for school clubs, but gives many students a sense of giving back to others around them. “I like bettering the community and playing my part” said Lung.