Google becomes Classrooms’ One-Stop-Shop

Madison Norman, staff writer

After being absent, switching between multiple websites and trying to find missing work can be stressful for students, but now that all teachers are required to use Google Classroom, students will no longer have this dilemma.

When attempting to solve this problem, the administration and teachers were surveyed and 70% preferred or were already using Google Classroom. The other possible option was Vision.

This year is the first year that all teachers are required to use Google Classroom.

“So far it is working well by having it as a one-stop-shop,” Principal Matthew Wilburn said.

Parents and students were complaining about the multiple different types of platforms that teachers were using. This was making it hard for them to keep track of their child’s grades and assignments.

It also made it better that Trailside had already starting using Google Classroom, so the up and coming freshmen would already be familiar with the platform.

“Google Classroom is really useful,” freshmen Maia Ocampo said. “It helps that you can go back and use it as a lesson review.”

However, Google Classroom does not seem to be perfect.

In gym, for example, a class that is not one of the core classes, Google Classroom does not always seem necessary.

“In gym it can be used if materials need to be handed out but if there are none, then no,” gym teacher Muoka Musau said. “I also wish there were better test taking features and tests grades could show right away.”

As a teacher who has taught since the opening of the school, English teacher Kathy Thompson has taught with and without using Google Classroom.

“With this change it does take responsibility away from the kid, putting it now on teacher,” Mrs. Thompson said. “Students used to have to take more initiative.”

The change also does not affect parents that do not look at their child’s assignments.

“As a parent it doesn’t affect me, I just never look at my daughter’s’ work,” Mrs. Thompson said.

Overall, Google Classroom makes life as a student simpler and allows for equal help from all classes.

“Google Classroom is overall good as it gives kids a reference point,” Mrs. Thompson said. “It makes communication easier and is user friendly.”