New teachers get leashed

Josh Montano and Sravani Sunkara, Staff Writer's

There have been some new additions to the Dog Pound this year. Having had many positive experiences here at Stone Bridge, they are excited to see what this year brings.

Ms. Laura Berry, a new English teacher, who moved all the way from Michigan, feels the adjustment from there to here has not been as bad as expected.

“Kids are kids; they are similar wherever you go,” Berry said. She likes the positive, friendly people and the good learning environment at Stone Bridge.

A new addition to the Physical Education department this year, Ms. Lauren Barnes, made the jump from middle schoolers to high schoolers this fall. A former teacher of Belmont Ridge Middle School, Barnes has been enjoying the maturity of the students at Stone Bridge compared to the students at Belmont Ridge.

“Middle schoolers are a whole different story than high schoolers,” Ms. Barnes said. “Eighth graders feel they’re the top dogs, but the freshmen I’m teaching here are much more mindful of what they do because they are new to the school.”

Splitting his time between Dominion and Stone Bridge, biology teacher, Mr. Anthony DeMott, has noticed a less chaotic environment at Stone Bridge.

“The students here just aren’t as wild,” Mr. DeMott said.

All the way from Texas, Ms. Taryn Gonzalez is still adjusting to Virginia. She really appreciates the supportive environment at Stone Bridge, on both the parents’ and administration’s sides.

“It’s nice to see so much involvement in the high school. In Texas, I taught at a lower income school, so it’s really nice to see so much support,” Gonzalez said.

Newcomer ELL teacher Ms. Vanessa Ortiz is also looking forward to a fun year at Stone Bridge after years of tutoring.

“This school would be a mall in Puerto Rico, and I haven’t even tried the cafeteria food yet,” Ortiz remarked.

Ms. Ortiz has also taken note on how the students of Stone Bridge act toward their peers.

“The students here are nice and passive,” Ortiz noted.

Maryland-born Ms. Susan Metz is joining the Stone Bridge staff after years of serving as a paramedic in the United States Army.

Ms. Janet Husemeier, who completed her studies in France and Mexico, has joined the Spanish department after teaching students in Virginia Academy.

Ohio-native Ms. LaShawn Moore-Bostic also started teaching Business Education here at Stone Bridge after teaching as a substitute at Loudoun County High School. She noticed that her students are energetic and innovative.

“I notice some students with some of that flame, and I need to ignite it.” Ms. Moore-Bostic said. She hopes to get her students to think outside the box on business matters, and to have students do more than just memorize words for a test.

National DECA Director Ms. Ryan Witizig is excited to start teaching Business and Marketing at Stone Bridge, after teaching at Heritage High School.

Stone Bridge’s teaching staff has gained many valuable additions this school year, and they all seem to have enjoyed their time at the school so far.