Running for a Cause

Allison Culko, Staff Writer

The We’re All Human 5K Color Run  will be “a colorful and fun filled event.”

The 5K Color Run is organized by the Ryan Bartel Foundation as a fundraiser for youth suicide awareness.  It will take place on Oct. 1 at Woodgrove High School.

“This run is for a good cause,” freshman Jack MacCormack said. “We are glad we can support youth suicide prevention and awareness.”

The Color Run’s goal is to raise $10,000 for the cause of youth suicide awareness.

“All proceeds benefit the Ryan Bartel Foundation,” founder Susie Bartel said. “We in turn support all We’re All Human Clubs throughout the county and partner with organizations to bring needed resources.”

Students decided to sign up for the 5K because of where the proceeds from the event were going.

“I decided to join the Color Run because all of the proceeds go to the Ryan Bartel Foundation which helps to prevent teen suicide,” sophomore Erin Frey said.

Along with the proceeds supporting We’re All Human Clubs, they will also go to Sources of Strength training and scholarships.

The Ryan Bartel foundation was created after Ryan Bartel’s death to suicide in October of 2014.

“We felt that we needed to turn our tragedy into something positive,” Ms. Bartel said.

As a result of the tragedy, the Bartels started the very first We’re All Human Club at Woodgrove High School, the school that Ryan went to.

At this point in time there are currently six schools participating in this club, with Stone Bridge being one of six.

“Our school is sponsoring a team to take part,” Club Sponsor Marcus Blankenship said.

One way that Stone Bridge is informing students about the event is through colorful flyers posted around school.

“My friends and I saw the colorful flyers and we thought it would be a good way to support the cause,” freshman Sarah O’Day said.

Schools can sign up as a team with the incentive that the school with the most participants will get a special We’re All Human trophy.

“Our goal is to make it a coveted prize that schools will be proud to display as a symbol of their effort to support everyone, provide acceptance and hope,” Ms. Bartel said.

Stone Bridge currently has the most participants.

“We currently have 31 members and hope to add more,” Mr. Blankenship said.The Color Run isn’t just for schools, but the entire family. Even students who are not in the We’re All Human Club are participating.

“This is a fun, colorful event, where we can all come together to show our support as a community for all our youth,” Ms. Bartel said.