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Seniors On… Senior Year

Lex Chapman

There is something in the air–a feeling that creeps up and waits behind closed doors. Maybe it’s the influx of schoolwork and the early morning commutes, but as the year moves forward, the looming feeling of life altering choices inches closer.

For the senior class, this is the last mile. Next year, graduates will step into the world on their own for the first time. Some will enlist in the military, others will move into a dorm room, a few will take a gap year, and others will join the workforce as full-time employees. Everyone will be Googling “ 401K explained,” hoping VOX has a video about it (they do); everyone will be stepping into a new life, with hopes of starting off on the right foot. 

But there’s still meaningful time until the end. There’s time to write college essays and put hands up in class, sign up for club meetings and discuss carpooling for Friday night football games. There’s time to wonder and wander, to savor and experience.

In this interview with the “Bulldog Tribune,” seniors share their thoughts on past, present, and future moments as a Bulldog.

Seniors on… Advice for Underclassmen

“Underclassmen need to remember that they aren’t special– not in a mean way, but that they need to just keep working on their stuff: no one’s gonna hand it to you.” – Jess Holleran

“My advice for underclassmen is ‘don’t try to be someone else.’ There’s plenty of stuff YOU have to still do and see. Also, school is not life.” – Sianna Eaves

Seniors on… Plans for after high school.

“I’m definitely going to a four year college, probably JMU to study songwriting and other types of writing. I know NOVA’s amazing, but it doesn’t seem right for me. If I get some insane scholarship from Old Dominion, Mary Washington, or–I can dream–Berklee College of Music, then I’ll go to one of those!” – Jobe Bognar

“My ideal job is [to be] an animator or a freelance artist. I’m gonna go to college hopefully at Brown, if not somewhere else, but I’m going to major in art and psychology. Maybe something with anthropology. Hopefully have a psychology related career.” – Sahana Shankar

Seniors on… The one piece of advice that has stuck with them.

“Being you and treating yourself with the respect and kindness you deserve is the best thing you can do for yourself. Every time that voice in your head says something negative, catch that and change it into something more optimistic. Your worth is dependent on what and how you think of yourself.” – Anika Malyala

“My advice would be to not compare yourself to anyone around you. It seems hard because everyone is constantly reminding you how well they are doing. This will make you feel behind or not good enough. People will never share their bad traits with you. Everyone is doing life at their own pace. There is no falling behind or not being good enough. If you truly want something you can achieve it in your own way. It took me a while to learn this but I am happy I did, even if it was later in high school.” – Hannah Mansuri

Seniors on… Something about school they absolutely look forward to.

“I look forward to football games. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but I love the atmosphere and the cheers we do!” – Hannah Mansuri

“I really look forward to being part of a club and attending meetings because I think it’s a really great way to have something to look forward to outside of grades and attending classes. I also always really look forward to or enjoy certain classes each year, and it’s usually history for me. I think it’s super cool and I always love my teachers!” – Maddie Willinger

“I like the pep rallies. I think sometimes it can get a little slow, but when they’re fun, they’re fun. Yeah. And I think they’re so ridiculous. But if you do them right, it’s a great time.” – Clarice Henry

Seniors on… One memory from school that stuck with them the most.

“One memory from school that I will never forget is crying in the hallway at homecoming. That’s what high school is about. You lose, you learn, and you let it go.” – Sianna Eaves

“Final Footloose performance. Everyone was hugging and cherishing the moments, it was great! Sad! But great!” – Jobe Bognar


About the Contributors
Manu Mishima, Staff Writer
Manu Mishima is a senior and first-year writer for the "Bulldog Tribune". She is an officer for the Progressives for the Future and National English Honor Society, and participates in both choir and theater. To her, the "New Yorker" cartoons are the epitome of comedy. In her spare time, Manu reads park-bench dedications, books, and movie subtitles.
Lex Chapman, Section Editor
Lex Chapman is currently a senior at SBHS and is a returning section editor for the "Bulldog Tribune". Lex also plays an active leadership role in the "SBHS Literary Magazine" and looks forward to seeing her peers’ creation in the 2023-2024 print edition. Between her experiences with photography, writing, editing, and social media management, Lex will make sure that her section of the newspaper is the best it can be.