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Battle of the…Burned Out?


Battle of the Burn (BOTB), one the biggest sporting events in Ashburn, has been canceled for the 2023-2024 school year for unknown reasons, resulting in mixed feelings from the student body. 

Formally a fundraiser for varying charities, BOTB has not only been an exciting event for the students of Stone Bridge and Broad Run, but also for Ashburn’s community, bringing people together to support the rival teams.

The cancellation of the game is a major point of discussion within the school, with many speculating about the reason for the change. 

“Player-wise, no one really knows,” offensive linebacker Josh Porter said. “Some say it’s because the Spartans were so tired of losing every year. Others believe it was part of the schedule change to play better teams.” 

Principal Timothy Flynn cited that the cancellation was due to a change in athletic divisions. 

“Broad Run is no longer a 5A classification, so they are not on our schedule,” said Dr. Timothy Flynn. “The Battle of the Burn is a positive event for the community. I hope that someday it will return.”

Stone Bridge’s football team is known for being one of the best teams in the county. The school is also known for its repeated victories at this annual game. In the 19 games played, Stone Bridge has won 15, the most recent being in 2022.

Being such a celebrated event, the loss of this game causes concern for school spirit. 

“I do believe that it will result in a lack of school spirit,” cheerleader Julia Quezada said. “It was something that you look forward to every single year, and now we don’t have it. It’s gonna be sad.”  

With such a long-standing competition, students have begun to wonder if the rivalry will cease along with the game. A change in the relationship between schools is expected by some students.

We will be more like allies than rivals.

— Sam Gloe

“I think it may actually make the relationship better, because you won’t be competing with them for football,” sophomore Sam Gloe said. “We will be more like allies instead of rivals.”  

Unknown to most students, this is not the first time there has been a pause in BOTB games. Within the first decade of the schools’ football rivalry, Stone Bridge and Broad Run did not play each other for four years. 

According to varsity football coach Mickey Thompson, the game outcomes were much like they are now, with Stone Bridge winning consistently.

“Now we’re spending another chunk of time apart, and then we’ll come back strong as ever,” Coach Thompson said. “Everybody does what’s best for what they think is best for their program.” 

About the Contributor
Stephanie Long, Staff Writer
Stephanie Long grew up in Ashburn and has lived there her whole life. She enjoys reading, crocheting, and participating in theater productions. She has been on Stone Bridge's Cappies Critic team since her freshman year where she has had a review published by "Blue Ridge Leader". This is Stephanie’s first year on the Stone Bridge Tribune.