First Friday Returns to Leesburg


From March to December, the streets of downtown Leesburg are filled with live music, good food, and engaging activities as part of the local event known as First Friday, which–as one might guess–occurs on every first Friday of the month.

First Friday allows businesses in downtown Leesburg to reach more customers by reducing prices and offering food tastings for attendees. There are activities for people of all ages, ranging from escape rooms to wine tastings.

“I have been going every now and again for over ten years,” Hannah Shapiro, a long-time attendee of First Friday, said. “I would definitely recommend going because it’s fun and there is something for everyone. It’s also a great place to run into old friends.”

March 3 will be the first First Friday of 2023, with events starting as early as 4 p.m. and running as late as 1 a.m. Numerous live music performances are scheduled for the night, featuring jazz, acoustic rock, and country artists. Cider tasting and free cotton candy will also be available.

There is a celebratory feeling around it.

— Shane Hines

“Many of the shops and restaurants have live music and things for the kids to do as well,” 27 South Interiors manager Shannon Grinstead said. “People who normally might not come downtown are here strolling the streets and checking out shops and restaurants they may not have been to before.”

First Friday doesn’t just allow for businesses to gain more traction; it helps bring the Leesburg and neighboring communities together. With the streets blocked off for all different kinds of events, visitors are able to explore various sections of downtown Leesburg to meet new people and see what each store has to offer.

“To me, [the atmosphere] is the best part,” musician Shane Hines said. “There is a celebratory feeling around it. The streets are closed off and there are a ton of people around, especially when the weather permits. It was especially nice after COVID, given what the last few years had been for everyone.”

Come out to downtown Leesburg this Friday, March 3, to experience the first of many First Fridays this year!

“I would say First Friday is really something to experience for yourself,” Grinstead said. “The atmosphere is great, you run into friends and neighbors, and get to check out places you may not have been. There’s something for everyone!”