Lil’ Bulldogs Treated to Day of Fun

Before Halloween, Stone Bridge students saw young princesses, pirates, and plenty of other characters around the halls for the Lil’ Bulldogs’ trick or treat event. Accompanied by Early Childhood Education high school students, the preschoolers collected treats from teachers across the school.

Lil’ Bulldogs is a lab-based preschool program where 16 preschool students come to Stone Bridge Monday through Thursday each week. Students in Early Childhood Education plan, create, teach, and facilitate lessons for the preschool students. Held on Oct. 27, the event was hosted for the first time in a couple of years. 

“Because of covid, we were unable to have a preschool during the 20-21 school year,” Early Education teacher Ms. Gabriella Boucher said. “There was definitely a return to normalcy this year.” 

Other students agreed, as this was one of the first times they got to experience the full Early Childhood Education experience. 

“My first year was online, so I didn’t get to do anything,” senior Alec Reath said. “But I really fell in love with the course.” 

Early Childhood Education is one of the most unique elective courses available at Stone Bridge. Not only does it provide a fun experience for students interested in teaching, but the career-oriented class is fully immersive, allowing students to experience what educating young children is all about. 

Seeing all of the kids in their costumes was so cute.

— Anna Rozenson

“The kids were all so sweet,” Reath said, speaking about their previous Early Childhood Education experience. “It was so nice comparing them from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.” 

The trick-or-treat event was a rewarding experience for both high schoolers and preschoolers alike. The teachers and students visited classrooms and offices during 6th and 7th blocks, filling Stone Bridge with cries of “Trick or treat!” as the preschoolers were guided around. 

“We had to hold a child’s hand and direct them to the classroom,” senior Anna Rozenson said. “Seeing all of the kids in their costumes was so cute.” 

While there are many future events planned for Lil’ Bulldogs, including visits to the library, orchestra, and various parties, trick-or-treating holds a special place in the hearts of the Stone Bridge community. 

“[Trick-or-treating] was a day when we do not have a schedule and the preschoolers and high school students can have fun together,” Ms. Boucher said. “It’s my favorite day in preschool.”