New Staff Brings New Lessons


The school has welcomed eight new teachers this year, each with unique personal experiences and opinions to contribute to the Stone Bridge team.

The supportive environment at Stone Bridge allows for a smooth transition where teachers can learn more about their students and colleagues. The new additions to the staff have more opportunities to connect with their students and fellow teachers.

Some of my favorite experiences include working with new students and staff members who have become such close friends,” special education teacher Ashley DiLoreta said. “I love the environment here, where I feel fully supported and appreciated!”

Stone Bridge has a variety of options for teachers in molding their curriculums. This creates an environment for students to perform at their best and for teachers to set personalized learning goals.

“I have very much enjoyed the opportunities to use different learning activities in the classroom,” social studies teacher Charles Parker said. “I think the students and teachers have more fun and it makes for better results.”

One unique aspect of the Loudoun County School District is the schedule, starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 4:18 p.m, which is later than the typical high school schedule. This can be a challenging adjustment for new teachers.

“I think it’s way too late of a start. When I was in Fairfax County, high school used to start around 7:30 a.m. and end around 2:15 p.m.” English teacher, Mike Gonzalez said. “I prefer that schedule because you could have a sports practice from 3:00-5:00 p.m. and get home in time for dinner.”

I love the environment here, where I feel fully supported and appreciated!”

— Ashley DiLoreta

For some teachers, however, this schedule can seem more appealing than an elementary or middle school schedule, which typically starts earlier in the day. This schedule allows for more flexibility in the teacher’s morning routines.

“I certainly love the later start,” CTE teacher Suzanne Creech said. “That is one thing I did not like about elementary school was the early start. I was always exhausted. Especially with the push back to 7:05. I am truly happy with the 9:30 start time.”

Most of the teachers we welcomed this year have been teaching full-time in Loudoun County for years and are familiar with how things are set up. Some, however, are coming to Stone Bridge with only part-time teaching experience in the county.

“This is my first year teaching full-time in LCPS,” Mr. Parker said. “I was a substitute teacher for about five years and have taught at Woodgrove, Loudoun Valley, Loudoun County, Tuscarora, Broad Run, Heritage, Independence and Freedom high schools over this period.”

Stone Bridge is ecstatic to welcome new talented educators to the staff, and the new teachers are looking forward to an exciting year.

“Stone Bridge has so much school spirit that I love seeing because it reminds me of when I was in high school!” Ms. DiLoreta said.