SR Coffee Co. Brews up Excitement with New Store Opening in Ashburn


After brewing up success in Leesburg, SR Coffee Co., owned by Jonathan Marcais and Renauldo Hawkins, opened up its second location at Junction Plaza in Ashburn on Aug. 30.

In 2017, Marcais began roasting coffee in his basement and selling it to his neighbors. Following that, he created a website to help fulfill a growing list of orders in the South Riding area. Eventually, Marcais reached out to Renauldo, his business partner, in hopes of starting a coffee company.

“For a couple years we sold at farmers markets,” Marcais said. “Then I really fell in love with the story of coffee, the local community, and meeting other small businesses and farmers got me really passionate about it.”

On Nov. 30, 2021, SR Coffee Co. opened in Leesburg. Since its establishment, SR Coffee Co. has committed to roasting their own coffee in-house and bringing in raw coffee beans. Fresh coffee can be paired with many different flavors of creamers made from natural syrups, enhancing the flavor of the coffee without overpowering it. They also go well with the various food items on the menu.

For a couple years we sold at farmers markets. Then I really fell in love with the story of coffee, the local community, and meeting other small businesses and farmers got me really passionate about it.

— Jonathan Marcais

“There are many delicious options on the menu, but the most popular item in the bakery in the Ashburn shop is a breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese on freshly baked british rolls or biscuits,” Marcais said.

SR Coffee Co. supports different aspects of the community by incorporating several local businesses into its shop and menu items. Customers can choose items from the local bakery menu for those with dietary restrictions including gluten free and keto options.

“A good segment of the population are gluten free or have intolerance, so we have multiple local bakeries that we work with for the gluten free side.” Marcais said.

A local juice company, Roots to Rise, is another small business represented in the coffee shop. The owners of Roots to Rise taught SR Coffee Co. in its early stages, the methods of juice making and continues to work alongside them in serving customers.

“We also work with Legacy Farms in Leesburg and use them for kale, beets, carrots, and mint that go into our juice that we press ourselves in the back,” Marcais said. “Our sausages are hand made from a small business, our black angus hamburger comes from Harmony Hill Farm, and all our bakers are from Loudoun County.”

SR Coffee Co. is a new and unique addition to Ashburn. Be sure to check it out next time you’re in the area! Whether you’re looking for a quick treat or a cup of coffee, SR Coffee Co. has something for you.

“The creation and the launches are by far the greatest struggle, but when you have those days when you just get to operate and enjoy what you do, those days make it all worth it,” Marcais said.