New Interactive Smartboards for Next Year

New Interactive Smartboards for Next Year

LCPS is getting a new teaching technology for the 2022-2023 school year. The Active Inspire Nickel, will be installed in all classrooms from Jun. 22-Jun. 28. Being an interactive smartboard, similar to the Promethean boards once used in the past, teachers and students will be able to take learning to a new level.

Although Stone Bridge teachers vary in the subject matter that they teach, many utilize the boards similarly.

“I would like to be able to display slides with the information and have students come to the board to work out chemistry problems,” science teacher Scott Torre said. 

The interactive screen plays a fundamental role in kinesthetic learning, as well as active learning.

“When I work out problems I would like to be able to stand at the board and work the problems,” math teacher Aaron Smith said. “The only way I can do them now is by standing in front of the white board or using the laptop.” 

Mr. Smith hopes for his students to be able to come up and work out solutions on the board itself. 

“I feel that there would be an advantage in working solutions on a board instead of on the computer,” Mr. Smith said. “Right now, the only way for my students to produce solutions for the class is either on the whiteboards or on their chromebooks.”

Currently, the plan for the induction of the Active Inspire Nickel involves assembly of the screens and mounts, as well as the removal of the current screens, before installation.  Assembly of the screens and mounts will occur in the aux gym from Jun. 22-Jun. 26, followed by a day of removing the current screens and mounts. Finally, on Jun. 28th, the installation will begin. 

The goal is to give teachers tools to give students a plethora of ways to learn, including kinesthetic learning.

— Christopher Archie

There will be training in the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year for teachers to become familiar with this new tool. 

“The goal is to give teachers tools to give students a plethora of ways to learn, including kinesthetic learning,” Mr. Archie said. “The thing I’m looking forward to the most is the possibilities that can come from this.”

Ultimately, these boards will provide teachers with new abilities to reach and teach students more effectively. 

“I hope that, with these new interactive boards, my students can have a better experience with mathematics,” Mr. Smith said.