Virginia Renaissance Fair



Each year, Renaissance Fairs pop up across the nation at different intervals. Whether in the fall or the summer, the fairs almost always take place outside and any and all guests are welcome to attend. Of course, costumes of every kind are strongly encouraged. 

From pop-up stores with handmade swords to circus acts on stage, the fairs offer something for everyone. This spring, Virginia held its share of the fun from May 7 to Jun. 5 at Lake Anna Winery in Spotsylvania. 

“The Virginia Renaissance Festival was very nice,” Tosha Warren said in her review. “The costumes were fabulous and the vendors were very nice. The food was also great.”

The folks that come here come to play, they’re willing to laugh, they’re willing to participate, that’s my favorite part.”

— Dextre Tripp

Although fair-goers are the main receptors of the festivities, they aren’t the only ones who have fun. Those who perform on stage also get their share of enjoyment from the active audiences at the shows.

“The folks that come here come to play,” Dextre Tripp of Circus Stella said. “They’re willing to laugh, they’re willing to participate, that’s my favorite part.”

While performers take the stage, vendors get to share their talents in other ways. Skills and crafts from everywhere are displayed at different booths as attendees browse about, allowing the creators to overlook those appreciating the fine craftsmanship. 

“People are very strange,” The Underbridge Society said. “It’s fantastic because we sell tiny monsters!”

Attendees are drawn to these events because of each festival’s diverse selling points. With multiple appealing aspects, at least one quality is sure to find favor.

“I’ve never been to a Renaissance Fair before,” one fair-goer said. “I really like the dressing up!”

People come to these fairs from all places to relax and express themselves. Whether you dress in costume, speak in an accent, or become another person entirely, the choice is up to you.

“I enjoy the freedom,” another fair-goer said. “You can look whatever way you want, and there’s always fun around every corner.”