Student Workers Amidst Covid


Ricci Talbot, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has made job hunting for students much harder, but some have found creative ways to make money and have been hired over quarantine.


Companies have had to adapt to the new virtual or socially distanced world making regular job opportunities scarce. Although jobs have been very limited, students overcome obstacles by creating small businesses and earning money online


Some students who are concerned about the safety of their high-risk family members can’t apply to jobs as they normally would in the past.


“With my grandparents living with me at the moment, I have a severely limited amount of jobs I can apply to because my parents are only letting me apply to jobs that have minimal contact with others. In general a lot of businesses aren’t hiring with the economy being unstable,” senior Hiba Sayed said.


One of the ways students have been earning an income and giving back is through creating a protein bar business. Celeste Nathan, Neha Dacherla, and Rohil Kapur have started an Instagram page to sell and deliver their handcrafted bars


These students have tried their best to take advantage of the situation.“By transitioning to online sales and doubling our donations to a local food pantry, we adapted to the situation and still had success, all while being able to show our support for those affected by the consequences of the virus.” Senior Celeste Nathan said.


Many restaurants and cafes switched to take out only models in order to accommodate social distancing guidelines which left people jobless. These new implementations changed the way that most businesses operate and decreased the demand for in-person workers.


When quarantine had begun, some students who were previously employed found themselves out of a job. “I was a hostess at a restaurant, but when the restaurant switched to take out only in March my job was no longer needed,” senior Jordan Barnett said.