New Beginnings and a New Community


Holland Quinn, Staff Writer

As a new year begins, new staff members join and are excited to help the students learn and grow as SB adjusts to distanced online learning. 


One of the few familiar changes are the new faces sprinkled throughout SB, while students and staff work to adapt to the new learning environment. 


“I love the sense of community here,” Earth Science teacher Ms. Caitlin Leitz said., “Tthe staff and students have been incredibly welcoming.”


There’s a new range of teachers joining the community this year, from experienced teachers to first year teachers. 


“I have taught French since I was 16 years old, so for 40 years,” German teacher, Ms. Sharyn Meaneau said., “I sStarted with before and after school programs at an elementary school when I was in high school. Tutored college-aged students and adults in college and later paid my way through graduate school teaching French at UVA as a Teaching Assistant (levels 100-300’s). Taught thereafter at Virginia Military Institute part time and finally settled into a full-time position teaching high school students in Manassas Park, Roanoke, Winchester and now LCPS.”


Teachers are excited and ready for the coming year, even if traditional learning environments have been put on hold due to the pandemic and new and abnormal changes must be made. 


“I believe in lifelong learning,” Geometry and Algebra II/Trigonometry teacher Mr. Alan Tarrab said., “So I’m taking the time to learn about a bunch of different online classroom tools.”


With Schoology replacing Google Classroom as the main learning platform this year, new teachers are eager to learn more about the platform along with the students. 


“Slow and steady wins the race, just like always,” German teacher Ms. Beth Schuster said., “Don’t put it off until the night before even though a week seems like a long time away!”


As many students are wary about the coming year, both students and staff are facing new challenges. However, the new teachers are feeling positive and encouraging about the new year.


 “It can be challenging, but from what I have seen the SB community is resilient and up for the challenge!” Ms. Leitz said., “We all must work a bit harder to form relationships, but it is possible.”