Bulldog Productions Travel Back to Ancient Greece in Metamorphosis.

Bulldog Productions Travel Back to Ancient Greece in Metamorphosis.

Anna Ortiz, Sarah Eid, Crista Bardales Hernandez, Staff Writers

Transport into the world of Ancient Greece, and follow the ancient gods and goddesses on November 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, and December 5th. 6th, and 7th, in the auditorium. 


Based on a collection of Greek myths, “Metamorphoses” takes its spectators through multiple stories, ranging from the story of Zeus to more unknown stories, such as those about Narcissus. 


“We started preparing since the summer. We started with meetings and preparation for visuals, then the roles were cast,” actor and co-head of the prop department Sarah Irons said.


After many months of preparation, the curtains for the new play will open for an audience to watch and enjoy. This year the audience will be invited to join the actors on the stage for an in depth experience. Due to a large cast, the process to prepare has presented more challenges than in years past. 


“This year we are using real water, and emerging props that are not necessarily waterproof, into a pool of water. This has created some challenges for the special effects department,” Irons said.

Along with the special effects department, the hair and makeup crew has been working hard to accommodate the lavish costumes of each individual character. Senior Amber Schmitt, head of the hair department, has been working diligently on creating hair pieces for characters such as Persephone.


Some hair pieces require many complex pieces with many small details. Many wigs contain flowers, while others have head pieces made of wood.  


“On average, the hair, makeup, and costume department, take two hours to get every actor ready for the stage,” Schmitt said.


Although there are many major characters, there are also many minor characters that require intricate costumes as well. Each costume, including those for minor characters, must be easy to remove, due to the constant changing of characters in between scenes. 


“I have some people that I need to get changed, and back on stage in four minutes, and some in six minutes. These people have the same costume and hair to change into,” Schmitt said.


Along with the costumes, the background and sets must replicate the mountainous, and rocky land that was once Ancient Greece. Other sets require more imagination, such as the replication of the mystic pool. The mystic pool contains real water, made by the stage crew.


“The play itself is so quick, when you take into account all the changes that need to be done. This is also the second time we are allowing the audience to actually sit on stage, so we have been working hard to make sure every detail is extra good,” Schmitt said.. 


For many seniors this play will indicate their last play for their high school career. Commonly known as the Cappies show, this play will complete many seniors participation in Bulldogs Productions. 


“I started off with singing and dancing my freshman year, but fell in love with props and dancing by my senior year,” Irons said.


With the opening night on Nov. 21t, the arrival of Metamorphosis by Bulldog Productions could not be more timely. These stories, with the common theme of self- growth represents the growth of many of Bulldog’s Productions own seniors. 


“I’m always stressed before shows, but when your in a community like the one we have, you all get to go through the nerves and preparation together. That’s what keeps the motivation to keep trying to do the best we can on stage,” Schmitt said.