Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, Which Do Students Prefer?

Alice Vaughan and Tina Mai, Staff writers

As the holiday season and its shopping sprees come around late November, the Bulldog Tribune set to find out which type of shopping frenzy they prefer: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


Black Friday is taking place on Nov. 29, and Cyber Monday is taking place on Dec. 2, right after Black Friday. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a huge part of our holiday culture. According to “The Balance,” an investment website, 137 million people participated in Black Friday shopping in 2016. In 2017, the number of people participating in Black Friday dropped 4% lower–and in 2018, it fell as much as 9% from 2017. 


The Bulldog Tribune decided to find out which one of these days students look forward to more by conducting polls on the Instagram account. 


After posting the Instagram poll, Black Friday had received 65% of the votes. On the other hand, Cyber Monday received 35% of the votes. Most students find themselves looking forward to Black Friday much more than Cyber Monday. 


“I feel like Black Friday is more traditional than Cyber Monday,” sophomore Abigail Casdin said. “It’s also more fun to go out with your family.” 


Some students find that Black Friday is more exciting. 


“It’s like an adventure,” junior Lauren Petranek said.


On the other hand, some students prefer shopping from the comfort of their own homes instead of getting caught in the tsunami of shoppers in the morning.


“You get all the same deals without the chaos,” junior Parker Petersen said.


The students that voted for Cyber Monday generally preferred it over Black Friday because they can participate in Cyber Monday at home without facing the crowds.


“Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day of the year in both 2017 and 2018, surpassing Black Friday,” The Balance wrote. 


Top stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon start Cyber Monday sales on Thanksgiving Day, further extending it into Cyber Week.