Spring Break Vacations All Around The States

Elaine Weurdschmidt, staff writer

Spring has sprung at Stone Bridge High School and spring break is right around the corner. Starting on April 13, students will begin their long awaited vacation in various spots worldwide.


This year, spring break comes later than the usual March vacation and students and teachers are excited to start their vacations.


“I usually don’t do anything for spring break, I like to stay home and relax,” senior Ainsley Steger said.


Taking a week off of school and catching up on sleep is a common theme among seniors at Stone Bridge.


“I like the sleep in during the whole week,” senior Charlie Tucker said.


While the seniors are staying home, the juniors seem to be celebrating spring break in different states.


“I’m spending the week in Florida,” junior Max Hughes said.


Florida is one of the top vacation spots for students during spring break, according to USA today.


The sophomores and freshman at Stone Bridge are also having a relaxing spring break.


“I’m staying home, but my cousins are coming in town,” sophomore Abby Kittleson said.


Staying home seems to be the main plan for the underclassmen during this year’s spring break.


“I’m going to the beach for a few days, but mainly staying home,” freshman Jenna Callan



Taking it easy is always a good route for spring break.


Even the teachers enjoy a spring break get away.


“I’m going to Virginia Beach. It’ll be good to get away and relax,” history teacher Savannah Trent said.


The beach is another common hot spot during spring break.


As spring break approaches, it’s interesting to see the various places of travel among the student body but also the staff. Another year, another spring break ready to fill with memories.