Scholastic Bowl

Sravani Sunkara, editor-in-chief

Stone Bridge’s Scholastic Bowl team has breezed through its first 3 matches and plans on doing the same with the regional championship on Saturday.


“I’m really happy with how it’s going, and I just want the team to continue to be confident and play; whatever happens happens,” team captain and senior Anjana Rao said.


The competitions draw from any information that can be learned in an academic setting, from history and science to pop culture and literature. Because of the broad scope of questions, there is no one specific way to study.


“It’s not a matter of studying, but of which information you can absorb the most,” Rao explained.


Rao has seen enormous growth in the size of the team since she joined 3 years ago. She attributes the growth to more awareness of the team.


“I’m proud of where we’ve gotten because we started with 5 players, and now we’ve gotten to about 15,” Rao said.


Just like in any other team sport, strategies within matches are almost as important as practicing. The team’s coach, Gary Willis, describes his role on the team as that of a strategist, rather than a study-oriented teacher.


“My role is to help them practice, but I am also in charge of making substitutions during matches and teaching them strategies, like speed when buzzing,” Mr. Willis said.


The team has 1 final match coming up before Regionals. It is the following Wed. against Freedom High School.


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